Our Beers

<span class="enTitle">Pale Ale</span>
Pale Ale

Based on our first home brew recipe. This is a classic golden colored, American style pale ale, dry hopped with Cascade giving aromas of citrus and grapefruit. The Pale Ale is our first and most popular beer.


ABV 5% │ Aroma: Citrus Fruits │ Color: Golden

<span class="enTitle">Oatmeal Stout</span>
Oatmeal Stout

This sweet stout is based on an old home brew recipe. The oatmeal balances the bitter taste of the roasted barley and gives this beer a nice and round mouthfeel, with a high drinkability for a stout.


ABV 5.2% │ Aroma: Bitter Chocolate and Espresso │ Color: Black

<span class="enTitle">Wheat</span>

This is a straight forward classic Bavarian Weizen with notes of clove and banana, originally brewed at Shapiro Brewery by our guest brew master Patrick van Dam, a Weinstephan graduate.


ABV 5.2% │ Aroma: Banana and Clove │ Color: Blond

<span class="enTitle">Jack’s Winter Ale</span>
Jack’s Winter Ale

This strong ale is a dark red seasonal, produced as a winter warmer for the cold Jerusalem nights. We age the beer with oak chips soaked in whisky from The Milk and Honey Distillery in Tel Aviv, giving it notes of vanilla, caramel and whisky. 


ABV 8.5% │ Aroma: Bourbon, Oak and Vanilla │ Color: Brownish Red 

<span class="enTitle">IPA</span>

First brewed as a summer seasonal in 2015 dry hoped with Amarillo, then in 2016 dry hoped with Citra and in 2017 with Simcoe. Our IPA eventually became a year round regular dry hopped with Citra. 


ABV 6.5% │ Aroma: Citrus Fruit │ Color: Burnt Orange

<span class="enTitle">Lager</span>

This light colored Helles Lagar is brewed with spring water from the Jerusalem hills, giving it a refreshing crisp flavor.


ABV 4.9% │ Aroma: Floral │ Color: Golden

<span class="enTitle">Barrel Aged Chocolate Porter</span>
Barrel Aged Chocolate Porter

Special and exclusive edition porter beer brewed with fine cocoa beans and aged for six months in ex-bourbon casks. The special label was skillfully crafted by the graffiti artists brothers Elna and Gab AKA Brothers of Light.


ABV 9.2% | Aroma: Bitter chocolate, vanilla and whisky | Color: Black  

<span class="enTitle">Strong Sour</span>
Strong Sour

Special Strong Sour spring-seasonal that was brewed with a unique double fermentation. One spontaneous fermentation with almond flowers from the Jerusalem hills and then a second cultured fermentation with Saison yeast.


ABV 7% | Aroma: Pair and Apple | Color: Blond

<span class="enTitle">Double IPA</span>
Double IPA

Special edition strong beer with deep flavors of caramelized malt and aromas of citrus and tropical fruits. 


ABV: 8.5%, | Aroma: Citrus and Tropical Fruit | Color: Brownish Red

<span class="enTitle">Saison Melon</span>
Saison Melon

Farmhouse style Saison. Light, refreshing and thirst-quenching for hot summer days, Dry hoped with Hull Melon hops.


ABV: 4.4%, | Aroma: Melon | Color: Golden 


<span class="enTitle">Hot Chili Stout</span>
Hot Chili Stout

Special edition brewed in collaboration with Shaanan Street for his new album - "Ideals".

Full bodied Oatmel Stout with hot chilis from the Arava, perfectly balanced between a tingling spicyness, lemony flavor and roasted malt.


ABV: 5.2% | Aroma: Lemon, Dark Chocolate and espresso | Color: Black